Stories by the Sea

This program is offerend on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. from July 11 through August 22, 2018 and is suited for children ages 4 to 8. The fee is $5 per child and is free for OMAA members’ families.

July 11

Watercolor project

Little Loon by Fran Hodgkins, Illustrated by Karel Hayes Little Loon welcomes young readers to trace the birth and first summer of a loon chick on a wilderness lake, ending with the loon’s migration for the winter.  Follow along as the baby loon grows and discovers the world around her, and as she learns to catch fish for herself and survive on her own.  Along the way, you’ll discover some intriguing facts about loons. Did you know they are so perfectly adapted to life in the water that it’s very difficult for them to walk on land?  They only come out of the water to lay eggs, so their nests are built very close to shore. You may also be surprised to discover that the biggest threats to loons come from people – boats, pollution, and fishing tackle.

After drawing inspiration from Fran Hodgkins’ story book and illustrations by Karel Hayes, OMAA Art Educator Jill Burke will guide children in a watercolor painting project. Just imagine what the first summer for Little Loon was like.

July 18

Oil Pastels and Watercolors

Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey

Awarded the Caldecott Medal as “the most distinguished American picture book of 1958,” Time of Wonder is the classic story of a never-to-be forgotten summer, here produced from re-originated plates to capture all the beauty of Mr. McCloskey’s original illustrations. Among the islands of Maine you’ll find all that children and adults love about the sea, the shore, and the quiet forests beyond, as well as the excitement of preparations for a hurricane and the wonder of exploring the trunks, upper limbs, and tops of giant trees felled by the storm.

After reading Time of Wonder, OMAA’s Art Educator will guide children in a oil pastel and watercolor project while visually exploring the sea and the shore on OMAA’s doorstep.

July 25

Colored Pencil Drawing

Counting Our Way to Maine by Maggie Smith

Pack your bag and count along as this engaging family gathers up one baby, two dogs, and three bicycles, and leaves the city behind. Their trip is full of things that make summer and Maine so special – building sand castles, picking blueberries, and more. All are happily counted, finishing in a shining finale as the family tallies 20 fireflies during their last evening in Maine.


Participants will spend time drawing with OMAA’s Art Educator after gathering, collecting and counting objects to create their own illustrations using colored pencils.

August 1

Mixed Media

The Calico Jungle written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar 

In this milestone book, first published in 1965, Dahlov was feeling the urge to express herself in a new way. The book’s illustrations marked a dramatic change in style as she began to explore “the endless possibilities of patterns. It had a terrific influence on my fine art,” she says. “It inspired me to change my whole style.” The Calico Jungle is a shining example of Dahlov’s exploration into the juxtaposition of shapes, colors, patterns, and light, the hallmark of her later work.

Children will be invited to create pattern and color on colored paper as they explore Dahlov Ipcar’s illustrations of animals in the jungle.


August 8

Watercolor Pencils and Watercolors

Journey of the Sea Glass

This book is illustrated by Nicole Fazioa freelance artist and illustrator who lives in Portland, Maine. What happens to glass between the time it falls into the sea and it washes up on the beach years later? This wordless story flows along one possible course of events, following a soda bottle dropped overboard from a ship early in the twentieth century, only to have a fragment of it discovered on a beach by a young girl decades later. Over time, the bottle has been influenced by waves, currents, the seafloor, and sea creatures, all pictured in lush full-color renderings. Fully immersed in the art, children and adults alike can trace the passage of time through the Journey of the Sea Glass.

Bring your imagination!  Children will have fun drawing and painting.

August 15

Cut Paper & Colored Markers

Bright Barnyard by Dahlov Ipcar

A young boy scatters golden kernels of corn to feed the birds of the barnyard and watches in delight as the birds of the farm parade before him to get to their meal.  From fat speckled hens to drakes with black velvet heads, and even his runaway white rabbits, they all join the feasting throng. The little calico cat watches the birds with hunger and fierce longing, but she knows they are off limits. The shifty brown rats she spies, however, are fair game!

Kids can create their own barnyard scene with cut paper and colored markers.

August 22

Drawing & Paint

I Am Birch by Scott Kelley

Who is spreading word of cold and darkness?  As dark rumors swirl through the woods, animals start to panic – storing nuts, hoarding berries, taking down trees – until a birch tree stump uses wisdom and humor to put their fears to rest. The birch emerges as the unlikely champion and protector of the forest in this story inspired by Wabanaki tales.

OMAA’s Art Educator will guide children in looking and thinking about things in the garden to draw and paint, inspired by the illustrations by Scott Kelley.


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